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Douglas Pipeline Team

Ryan Estabrook, President

Ryan Estabrook


Ron McGlade, Director of Business Development

Ron McGlade

Director of Business Development

Andi Shacklett, Director of Compliance

Andi Shacklett

Director of Compliance

Tom Livingston, Director of Safety

Tom Livingston

Director of Safety

Jim Grachen, Director of Operations

Jim Grachen

Director of Operations

Sharon McGraw, Accounting Manager

Sharon McGraw

Accounting Manager

Shawn Mason, Integrity Management Specialist

Shawn Mason

Integrity Management Specialist

Cash McGinnis, Senior Technician

Cash McGinnis

Senior Technician

Lee Lippert, Senior Technician

Lee Lippert

Senior Technician

Joe Carlson, Technician

Joe Carlson


Scott Mason, Technician

Scott Mason


Tanner Chase, Technician

Tanner Chase


Rick Anderson, Technician

Rick Anderson


Sidney Richards, Technician

Sidney Richards


Jim Mosher, Senior Technician

Jim Mosher

Senior Technician