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About Douglas Pipeline

Douglas Pipeline is a full service engineering, operations, and regulatory compliance services company for the natural gas pipeline industry. Our capabilities come from decades of experience developing and operating gathering, distribution, and transmission lines.

Pipeline engineering employee working on natural gas pipeline control box

Douglas Pipeline was initially established as a subsidiary of an exploration and production company in the Appalachian Basin for pipeline projects that brought natural gas from interstate pipelines directly to large industrial end-users and power generation facilities. From that time in the early 1990's, Douglas Pipeline has grown into a full service project developer and D.O.T. qualified operator for natural gas pipelines throughout the United States.

Douglas Pipeline Company has developed and operated direct-sales laterals since the industry unbundled in the early 1990's. We have considerable experience with small pipeline systems. Some of the bypass pipeline projects we developed for industrials and power generation facilities were the first bypass pipelines in that end-user's state.

Our position in the market place as a one-stop shop for the development of small pipeline systems, brings with it considerable experience and expertise. And our willingness to become the operator of record with the D.O.T. for PHMSA jurisdictional pipeline systems is unique in the industry and of considerable value to our customers.

If you are looking to develop a pipeline project, a pipeline owner in need of engineering and project management services, or a pipeline owner interested in outsourcing the operation and regulatory compliance of your natural gas pipeline facilities, please give us a call!

Douglas Pipeline engineering and operations employee working on guage